Is a Music Degree Worth It?: Steve Angello and his Music Career

Over the years more people choose to get a music degree. In 3 to 4 years a person can become a conductor, a professional performer, or make money from writing essays about music. Having a musical degree is also a way of jumpstarting a journalistic career. You will be educated enough to write your own material even without having to buy an essay drafts from helpful services EssayService online.

What Can You Do with a Music Degree?

Of course, music degrees are strongly tied to the promise of stardom and wealth in the music industry. However, it’s not the only thing a musical degree is good for. There are many important behind-the-scenes professions, including:
  • Music agent
  • Music composer
  • Music producer
  • Music promoter
  • Songwriter
  • Sound engineer
There is never enough work for these categories thanks to a steady flow of movies, TV series, musicals, and video games. All of them need fresh content. Composers such as Hans Zimmer make millions from their original scores. There are also music degree jobs that focus on writing about music rather than making it. Such as:
  • Music scholar
  • Music teacher
  • Music historian
  • Music theorist

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What to Consider When Choosing a Music Degree?

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If you are set on getting a degree in music, there are a few things to consider first:
  • What kind of degree do you want? Select a degree that is going to be helpful in your career. Don’t rush the decision. For your convenience, some of them will be listed in this article.
  • Where do you wish to learn? When choosing a school, research the quality of the faculty. Also, find out the level of access to job-related equipment and the rate of employment for its graduates. Any school should have a career advisor to help you with that.
  • What is your budget? While there are schools that offer financial aid, you will most likely have to take a student loan. Maybe the best option is getting a music degree online and not attending a music school.
  • What happens if things don’t work out? Your mind can change so it’s best to attend a school with various academic programs in case you no longer want a music degree. To make things easier, use an essay writing service to concentrate on music studies.

List of Music Degrees

One can achieve many degrees in music each with various practical applications.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

This degree provides generalized education with no time spent on performance. But, this isn’t always true. It can be pursued by students looking for a well-rounded school experience. For example, applicants to the Bachelor of Arts in Music study music history, theory, composition as well as performance. There is also a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Concentration degree available with a focus on a single subject.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is one of many types of musical degrees ideal for performance, theory, or composition majors. The latter can earn their degrees to get a deeper understanding of their craft. In matters of complexity, it’s somewhere between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music. Some of the common Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music degrees include Music Performance and Music Composition. The former allows students to hone their craft through demanding performance programs. The latter delves deeper into the process of composing music and writing essay with essayhub.

Bachelor of Music (BM)

This is the most common type of music degree. It is more commonly offered at conservatories and at university music departments. You will be expected to focus on composition, performance, and theory. Some schools offer a Bachelor of Music in Music Theory, or in Music Production. The key difference between it and other degrees is the focus on music-related material. You won’t take many non-musical courses when pursuing it. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to use a research paper writing service paperwritingservice once in a while.

Bachelor of Science (BS)

This musical degree will be perfect for students who love to produce and record music. Students often get a music business degree along with it. What can you do with a music degree? Things like artist development, media distribution, and music production. Sound Recording Technology and Sound Design are some of the most common Bachelor of Science in Music degrees. The first will be good for students who dream of working in studios and recording musical outfits. The second has them explore various formats of recording and storing music.

List of Music Majors

Now it’s time to choose from the many types of music majors you can get.

Audio Engineering

This might seem strange, but audio engineers are one of the most important people in the industry. Artistic talent and songwriting ability are required to make a hit. But, there is no recording without a professional engineer. You will master the science of acoustics, mixing board operation, and digital recording.

Music Composition

Music Composition is an ideal choice for those who strive to become future songwriters and composers. This is one of the majors in music that will give one enough knowledge to create the next hit record. Graduates can apply it to write scores for video games and movies. You can even earn a living writing commercial jingles and music for TV programs.

Music Education

Music education students have to work just as hard as performance students. One must also become a certified teacher as part of the degree. Having a music education specialty will open doors to becoming a private instructor, orchestra, or band director.

Music Performance

Earning this music major will have you attending a conservatory. There you will be able to master one or many instruments. In general, students need to master a secondary instrument. In most cases, it’s the piano, unless you already have it as a primary. You will be able to play, understand sheet music and have extensive knowledge of music theory.

Music Therapy

People with this degree usually had music change their lives. There are a couple of things you can do with this rare and highly specialized major. You are going to use music to help people with various mental conditions, such as PTSD and dementia.

Music Career Example: Steve Angello

Record producer and DJ Steve Angello has been in love with music since the age of 12. The Swedish music personality first came into prominence in the early 2000s with the track “Not So Dirty”. But, his breakthrough happened in 2004 with the released remix of “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics. His 2006 music career saw the release of “Tell Me Why” which used samples from the song “Smalltown Boy". The song made with a fellow DJ Axwell became a smash hit on the club scene and is still played today. Angello’s first solo hit came in the form of “Baby When the Light”. Steve Angello’s popularity soared during the 2010s. At the beginning of the decade, he was named the 14th highest-ranking music producer by DJ Mag. Steve Angello returned to the spotlight in 2017 with his performance at Coachella. His love of music made Steve a symbol of an entire generation of electronic musicians.


Whatever your choice might be, it never hurts to sit down and think about what you are going to do after graduation. Of course, everybody has dreams of stardom, but the plan must be at least somewhat realistic. Keep calm and rock on!